Name Designation Research Contact
Dr. G.P.Prasad Assistant Director Incharge Supervision of all technical work, IMR Project all the department of the Institute, Pharmacognosy
Dr. Gajendra Rao RO Scientist-4 (Botany) Plant Tissue Culture, Pharmacognosy
Dr. Sharad Pawar RO Scientist-3 (Pharmacology) In-Vitro Pharmacology (Anticancer/Antidiabetics)Proteomics, Metabolomics
Dr. Gurav Arun Manohar RO Scientist-3 (Botany) Plant Tissue culture, Cultivation and Agrotechnics, Pharmacognosy
Dr. Shrirang Jamadagni RO Scientist-2 (Animal/Experimental Pathology) Veterinary Pathology, Toxicologic Pathology
Dr. Pallavi S Jamadagni Research Officer (Pharmacology) In-Vitro Pharmacology, Toxicology
Dr. M. Srinivasan Research Officer (Biochemistry) Biochemical studies on Ayurvedic medicinal Plants research
Dr Shyam Baboo Prasad Research Officer(Pharmacognosy) Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, herbal drug standardization as per API and WHO
Dr. Anagha Ranade Research Officer (Ayurveda) Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Ayurveda Pharmacology
Dr Rasika Kolhe Research Officer (Ayurveda) Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Plant collection & Cultivation methods

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