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Medicinal plants have attracted attention of not only professionals from various systems of Medicine, but also the scientific community belonging to different disciplines like Botany, Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Agriculture, Pharmaceutics etc. Herbal drugs, being generally harmless in prescribed doses, are becoming popular all over the world and WHO also currently encourages, recommends and promotes inclusion of these drugs in national health care programme. The researchers as well as other agencies and individuals interested in plant drugs find it difficult to get on the spot information collectively on diverse aspects, as the literature is still scattered. Therefore a need was felt to collect all the information's and compile it in the form of a publication and also to make it available in form of a Compact Disc. This publication, being first in the series proposed to be published on about 400 medicinal species being commonly utilized in Ayurveda, We have covered the latest valid botanical names and important synonyms (Sanskrit name), classical (Ayurvedic) names, vernacular names, important botanical characters and distribution in India along with a photograph of the plant and parts used to help in identification. brief and concise account of their parts used in Ayurvedic Medicines, actions and uses their properties, prescribed doses, Pharmacognostic characters, Chemical constituents, Pharmacological activities, Toxicology, Therapeutic evaluation, Trade & Commerce, Substitutes & Adulterants, Formulations & Preparations and Propagation & Cultivation. The textual matter is supplemented by an exhaustive Bibliography containing up-to-date references. At present we have published I -VIII volume of Data Base covers 260 plants and I- III volume of C D.

Plants covered in all(VIII) volumes of Database of medicinal plants

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